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About Our Company

We began our company through online collaboration, building and marketing a site for an accounting firm. Employing extraordinary customer service and a “get things done” attitude, things quickly grew and F & H Tech, LLC was created.

Our partnership is built on “All things Tech” with a “People First” approach.

As our industry continues to grow, demands for higher levels of sophistication and reliance are evolving. We welcome these new challenges as opportunities and invite you to contact us for an experience, parallel to none, that is sure to promote your brand to the next level. This is no cookie cutter service that we provide, our team of professionals each handle a specific task based on the size of the project. We work simultaneously to get the job done delivering quality service in a timely and efficient manner.

Our company that keeps its promises till the end of time.

Who we are (Meet the Team)

We are creators and we are thinkers, but most of all, we are doers.  We are passionate about what we do. Our team consists of social media savants, pixel pushers, number crunchers and just the right amount of techy geek.We are profit driven, focused on results that will directly affect the growth of your business.  F & H Tech will reinforce your brand through the digital world which positions you as the industry lead.We create websites for businesses that ranges from large to small. We also offer custom web solutions, Digital Marketing, Application Development, Graphics design, and Admin Solutions.

Our process

Our process starts with finding the main root of the problems with your online business

  • Identify the main barrier of your business’s growth
  • Create a comprehensive plan
  • Development and implement a solution
  • Market your business
  • Measure results & Maintenance

Our Values & System

  • Quality Customer Service
  • Quantify your goals.
  • Create a comprehensive plan.
  • Develop and implement solutions.
  • Market your site.
  • Monitor results.
  • Are intuitive, easy to use.
  • Alleviate fear of social media.

Our Philosophy and Mission

Our goal is to create a relationship that will enable you to learn how to operate your own professional website. To accomplish this mission, our customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are dedicated to provide customized, single source, web site design and hosting services focused on providing you a return on your investment. You can view our services here.

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